• Tracking Precautions:

    • Common AAE Express check a single number is a nine digit code composed of pure, you can only query a single number, express a single number can be found in the consignment;
    • By AAE international express queries can be obtained from the shipment departure, destination, logistics and real-time tracking information, sign status of all aspects of the information;
    • Such as can not find the information or the information is empty like him to try several times. Or check your query AAE express a single number is correct, and if you need help, please call;
    • All the AAE express tracking information,AAE reserves the final interpretation;
  • Customer Service:

    AAE consumer hotline:400-6100-400;AAE Website:http://www.aaeexpress.us/
  • About AAE:

    AAE Global Express, established in New York , the United States in 1998,has been the leader in focusing on providing international door to door courier services through its own gateways and hubs in major cities such as New York , Los Angeles , Shanghai , Shenzhen and Hong Kong . Direct logistic channels linking mainland China , the US , Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as its extensive network enable us to offer fast, safe, reliable and economical express delivery services between Asia and the United States under the respected AAE brand.